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t e n i c o n s
By accident or not, you've just entered tenicons, the icon journal owned by light_flower. You'll obviously find icons made by me here, but sometimes other stuff like screencaps, tutorials or other graphics. Ten ( 天 ) is the japanese word for 'heaven', in case you were curious.

T H E   R U L E S . .
- Textless icons are NOT bases. Please don't edit them, or I'll hunt you down. :P

- NO direct linking. Direct linking = bad. Please save the graphics to your own server.

- Don't be rude. If you don't like my graphics, that's fine. But then please leave instead of posting rude comments.

- If you take an icon, please credit either light_flower or tenicons. Commenting when taking is also very much appreciated, but I'm not going to force anyone.

how to credit;

P R O J E C T S . .
[ iconfiend100 ] Naruto: Tenten ( 100/100 )
[ iconfiend100 ] Naruto: Neji x Tenten ( 100/100 )
[ sentient_icons ] Bleach: Hinamori Momo ( 25/25 )
[ jmusic50 ] Music: Tamura Yukari ( 50/50 )

C R E D I T S . .
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